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Denver Massage Therapy

Best Massage in Denver

Luna Massage And Wellness has been providing Denver with the best massages in Denver for 6 years. Please take a moment to view our list of massages and consider add-ons like hot stones or our relaxation package to enhance your experience. If you are using our online booking tool for someone else do not worry! We always make sure our clients have chosen the best massage for their body based on what their body endures and how they are feeling that day. Please take a moment to review our massage offerings before you book online.

It's you time! Take a deep breath and sink into your session with a Swedish Massage. Swedish massages are offered in 60, 75, and 90 Minutes sessions. Also known as a Relaxation Massage, this session is perfect for stress relief.


Swedish Massage is your intro to massage. This is an amazing massage for first-timers, persons looking to relax, or for persons looking to increase bloodflow. Swedish Massage is your big flow-y massage. Long strokes encourage blood flow and entice your parasympathetic nervous system, encouraging that "rest and digest".


All massages at Luna Massage And Wellness are full body massages unless otherwise noted. You can expect to receive massage to your head, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, feet, and back. Please communicate to your therapist if you would like your face massaged.


**Best Massage For Relaxation**

Massage tailored to your body's needs.

Therapeutic Massage is always tailored to you and what your body goes needs. Select a therapeutic massage if you:

  • are receiving this session as injury treatment

  • would like to concentrate on 1-3 areas rather than receive a full body massage

  • would like a combination of modalities (types of massage)

We can use our time to work on one specific area, or massage the full body. Therapeutic massage allows your  massage therapist to use many different modalities based on what symptoms, or conditions you have, or simply what the therapist can feel in your muscles.

**Best Massage For Pain Management**

Here at Luna Massage And Wellness we offer Intelligent Deep Tissue Massage. Designed to remove severe tension, deep tissue massage is a technique used to relieve both muscles and connective tissue below the surface. It helps to improve range of motion and heal injuries below the surface.

Q: What is the difference between an Intelligent Deep Tissue Massage And a Regular Deep Tissue Massage?
A: Here at Luna Massage And Wellness we know that it is important to ease into the muscles. You deserve deep pressure and relief without pain! We are not going to be using our elbows for 100% of your massage. We will not be leaving you bruised or sore. We promise to get to those deepest muscles, but we are going to work layer by layer. 

Q: Should a Deep Tissue Massage hurt?
A: A common misconception is that a Deep Tissue Massage should leave your sore for days after your session- even bruise you. This is not true at all. If anything hurt more than a 7 out 10 it is your duty to notify your Licensed Massage Therapist.

Q: I have lots of knots. Is a deep tissue massage best for me?
A: Maybe. Our Licensed Massage Therapists have some skills that some other establishments might not. We might suggest the Therapeutic Massage for you depending on what you tell us before you get on our table. 

*Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Therapeutic Massage are our 3 most commonly selected sessions.

Hello Luxury.

An extension of Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Massage was made for deep relaxation. During a Hot Stone Massage, smooth, heated stones are used as an extension of your therapist's hand to manipulate soft tissues in such a way as to relieve muscle tension.

Hot stones allow vasodilation, which is an increase in blood flow to a certain area. This causes the stones sink deeper into your muscles allowing for an alternative to deep tissue massage. Perfect for winter. Perfect for more of a pamper experience. 

Best Hot Stone Massage, Denver Colorado, Best Hot Stone Massage, 80205, Downtown
Personalized For You


Creating new life is hard work on the body.  Whether you have had a massage in the past or not is insignificant. Some women choose to have a prenatal massage during their pregnancy strictly to be pampered, but let me tell you, it's so much more than that. 

With stressors on the body working from the inside out, every stage of your pregnancy will have new problems that you Licensed Massage Therapists can address. Hips shifting? We got you. Lower back pain? We got your back. Head aches, limb swelling, fatigue, and leg cramps can all be addressed and relieved during your session. No need to suffer- let's enjoy our pregnancy.

Prenatal Massage FAQ

Q: What trimester can I receive a massage?

A: You can receive a Prenatal Massage at any point during your pregnancy. 

First Trimester Massages can relieve headaches, alleviate morning sickness reduce fatigue. Second Trimester maternity massage can alleviate backaches, and leg cramps. Third trimester maternity massage can reduce swelling/edema, address mental, emotional, or physical fatigue.


Q: Where does my belly go?

A: Here at Luna Massage And Wellness we do not use massage tables with holes cut out for your belly. Instead, we do a side lying position. This position uses lots of pillows for maximum comfort and support.

Q: My pregnancy is having complications. Can I still receive a massage?

A: Yes, but be sure to be open an honest about what's happening with your body. Maybe we can only do facial, and hand and foot reflexology.

Q: How can I book our Corporate Chair Massage Event?

A: If you only need one therapist you can book online. If you would like more than one therapist for your event, please call 205-530-0377.

Massage for two. You and your partner will love this shared experience. Unlike other spas, we are still going to make your massages  custom to your body, which means you do not have to get the same massage as your partner. Couples Massages can be 60,75, or 90 minutes. You can choose from any of our modalities (Swedish, Deep Tissue, Therapeutic, Prenatal, Hot Stone).

Wellness Meets Reward


A trend in the corporate world, massage is making its way to your office. With benefits covering everything from morale to wellness, productivity to loyalty, on-site chair massage is a win. This service is to be selected by any company wishing to provide massage for its clients or employees. 

Chair Massage FAQ

Q: How many people can you massage per hour?

A: Each therapist can do 3-10 people/hour.


Q: How long should the Chair Massage be?

A: We recommend massage lengths of 5-20 minutes/ per person.

Q: Do we need to clear a room for the therapist?

A: Nope! However, each therapist will need a 5'x5' working space.

Q: How can I book our Corporate Chair Massage Event?

A: Please call 720-235-8181 to discuss details, pricing and availability.

denver, Colorado corporate chair massage
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