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How Long Is A Facial?

Facials and take 30-90 minutes depending on the service.


Our Facials depending on the service range from

  • Signature Facials: $89.00

  • Premier Facials: $99.99-$135.00

Who Gets Facials?

Facials are a part of Skincare. Our Denver clients come to us for everything from dry skin to pampering to acne, rosacea to fine-lines and wrinkles.

Chocolate or Cranberry Facial?

There is a step in ALL of our facials that adds an aromatic component to your service. Here at Luna Massage And Wellness that step is either Chocolate or Cranberry! (These are all-natural enzymes)

What should I expect?

Your first session starts with a skin assessment, so your Esthetician can help you choose the Facial that is going to be best for your skin. 

Depending on both the condition of your skin, and the type of treatment chosen, your skincare professional can tell you whether you will see immediate results, or if you will need 3 or 4 treatments. 

From Luna Massage And Wellness

Thank you for shopping small and shopping local! We've worked hard to refine our list of services, but to also keep the option to customize EVERY service, so that you can not only get what you want, but what your body needs. Upgrade your spa day by adding a massage to your appointment! 


With the air being so dry in Denver, Facials and Chemical Peels are more than just spa services. They are an essential part of your skincare regimen. Luna Massage And Wellness is Denver's best spa for Facials and Skincare.

Express Facial

Pressed for time? Try our express facial. The essentials: Deep Cleanse, Exfoliation, Hydration and Mask. 

................30 Minutes for $49

Signature Facial: Denver Facial

A facial for all ages and skin types. Most people living in Denver have dry skin. While yes, this facial is custom, it does focus on hydration. Pairs with either a cocoa or cranberry Enzyme that turns your facial into an aromatic treat.​ 

................ 50 Minutes for $99

Luna Lifting Facial 

Micro-current and galvanic technologies stimulate collagen production to lift and tone skin. Products for this facial are chosen by our Master Esthetician based on your skincare needs. Age defying results. 

..................50 Minutes for $99

Anti-Aging Facial

This Facial starts with the Luna Lifting Facial, but is kicked up a notch with our firming peptide mask.


Our Firming Peptide mask increases your CTR (Cell turnover rate)  which allows ageing skin to have a youthful brightness. Because this treatment increases your CTR the facial is also an amazing Acne treatment. 

................. 90 Minutes for $135

Skin Clearing Facial

Deep cleansing treatment designed to reveal clearer, more beautiful skin. This high frequency treatment kills bacteria and prevents future breakouts. Antioxidants in this facial assist with healing and hydrating the skin. Perfect for the Denver's dry weather.

................. 60 Minutes for $99

Luxury: Bridal/Oxygen Facial

Brighten your complexion by smoothing and repairing damaged skin. Great for acne, redness, uneven pigmentation, and signs of aging. This treatment brings nourishment to the surface, while stimulating collagen production and clarifying skin. This facial might be our best facial as it can works well for all skin types, and most conditions. This facial is the base for our Luxury Facial: Marshmellow Dream.

.................60 Minutes for $110

.................90 Minutes for $135

Diamond Microdermabrasion

Microdermabasion non-surgical skin refinishing procedure for fine lines, Acne Scars, or Hyperpigmentation. Combined with professional grade products from Circadia you are sure to not only see, but feel results fast. 

................. 50 Minutes for $90

Foot Treatment

Take a deep breath and let it all go with this 25 minute foot care session. This is NOT a pedicure; this is a Facial for your feet!  Hot towels, massage, exfoliation, mask and aroma therapy come together to make the perfect add-on for your spa day.

................ $35

If you live in Five Points, Ballpark, Downtown Denver, or the LoDo, Rino, Uptown or Curtis Park we encourage you to walk or bike to your next appointment!

We are located in Denver, Colorado 80205. We are just a few blocks from Coors Field, Great Divide Brewing. We are less than a mile from many major Downtown Denver hotels.

Luna Massage And Wellness

2231 Larimer Street

Denver, CO 80205



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